Slip and fall accidents are nothing to laugh at. While many people are accustomed to laughing at videos of people falling and getting hurt, in certain cases, a slip and fall accident can have life-changing consequences. Negligence on behalf of a property manager or similar entity can be the reason you were hurt in a slip and fall accident. There are several guidelines and safety regulations properties and buildings must adhere to. Negligent violations of these guidelines can result in liability. Buildings with hazardous conditions are largely responsible for slip and fall accidents. These hazardous conditions can include poor lighting, uneven surfaces, wet or slippery floors, debris or tripping hazards such as loose cords and signage, and more. If one or more of these factors contributed to your slip and fall injury, you may have a solid case to hold against any parties that are liable for your injury. Consult with a lawyer to help with your personal injury in Ormond Beach to see the validity of your case and discuss your next course of action.

What If My Accident Took Place at Work?

Slip and fall accidents taking place at work can be especially troubling. There may be a conflict of interest for you, which is totally understandable. However, it is important to uphold your rights and protect yourself, especially if your injuries resulted in lost wages or missed time. Your employer is responsible for protecting their employees. If it happened to you, it can happen to someone else until the correct measures are taken. We can help you hold your employer accountable and get you the compensation you deserve.

Can I Receive More Compensation the More Severe My Injuries Are?

If your slip and fall injury results in critical or severe injuries, you may be eligible for a more significant payout from whoever was liable for your accident. For example, an injury resulting in a deep laceration or fractured bones may get more compensation than an ankle sprain. Compensation is contingent on many factors, so it is important to have a personal injury attorney by your side to maximize the potential reward you can get.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Win My Slip and Fall Case?

Vukelja Law empathize with your injury and situation. If your injuries have left you with less money and more expenses, you should let us help you get control of your life again. We can bring you the justice you rightfully deserve. Contact us today at (386) 676-5678 for a free consultation to see how we can help you with your case.