Trucking Accidents

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Vukelja Law understands what it is like to be involved in an accident with a large truck. We provided legal representation for persons who, through no fault of their own, have been injured in accidents involving large trucks, including tractor trailers, tanker trucks and construction vehicles.

Facing the catastrophic results of a trucking accident without legal representation can be frightening. Our goal is to obtain the fair and just compensation you deserve. Complex truck accident litigation requires thorough investigation, the opinions of expert witnesses, and the creative use of discovery procedures after the suit is filed. Prompt investigation of the accident scene is crucial; swift action is what the Vukelja Law firm provides. The sooner you engage us to represent you, the sooner we can act to preserve critical evidence.

Expert witnesses may be the key to winning your case. We know where to look for experts with extensive knowledge of the trucking industry. These experts can review the facts of your case and help us plan an effective trial strategy. Other experts in fields like engineering, accident reconstruction, life care planning, economics, and medicine may also play an important role in the successful prosecution of your case.

The drivers and their trucking companies must comply with a vast array of federal and state laws and regulations that do not apply to the ordinary motorist. At Vukelja Law, we are familiar with these laws and regulations and are prepared to explore whether the violation of one or more such laws and regulations caused or contributed to your accident.