Mortgage Foreclosure

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Whether you’re a bank in need of legal representation or an individual in the process of foreclosure, Vukelja Law continually strives to provide the best service possible to our clients. We do this by never losing sight of what our clients’ goals are and what we have to do to achieve them.

The foreclosure process in Florida can involve a judicial process or a non-judicial process depending on the circumstances. Whether you are currently going through the pre-foreclosure or are actually in a litigation process it is important to know Vukelja Law can help. It’s important to note that you have only 20 days to respond if you have been served a notice of foreclosure, and this means that involving our firm as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. We can discuss your potential alternatives to foreclosure. Also, if you have been the victim of predatory lending we can assist you in reaching the best possible resolution to save your home and credit.

Vukelja Law never settles for second best when handling your case. We treat every client with compassion, and we apply all the experience we have to resolve you case, no matter if you are a financial institution or individual.