Commercial Lease Drafting, Negotiation, Review & Disputes

Posted in Commercial Leases

Discovering the perfect location for your business is an exciting step in establishing your company. It brings your business dreams one step closer to reality. Do not sign a lease agreement before having Vukelja Law review the lease and negotiate an agreement that could save you money today and for years to come. Commercial leases are highly negotiable, from the business terms to the legal nuances. We have reviewed, revised, and negotiated numerous commercial leases on behalf of our clients.

Vukelja Law can modify clauses that will affect your bottom line. Negotiating terms such as the costs that should be excluded from common area maintenance charges, clarifying the repair obligations of the landlord and tenant, providing the ability to terminate the lease if the tenant can’t obtain permits within a specified time period, adding hazardous substance and Americans With Disability Act warranties by the Landlord, are just a sampling of the many provisions we consider, revise and negotiate on our client’s behalf. There is no substitute for professional independent legal review by Vukelja Law.