Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

If you are the victim of unwanted sexual advances, quid pro quo sexual harassment, or a hostile work environment, Vukrlja Law can help. We will advise you on all aspects of your situation, from documenting the facts of the case to proving the full extent of your damages.

Most cases of sexual harassment fall into one of two categories: sexually hostile workplace or quid pro quo sexual harassment.

What constitutes a hostile workplace?

  • Suggestive and unpleasant remarks about one’s appearance, clothing, or body
  • Inappropriate touching
  • The open display of grossly sexist or pornographic photographs or drawings
  • The circulation of sexually explicit or obscene pictures, jokes, or other material through e-mail
  • Rumors or accusations concerning one’s sex life or sexual orientation
  • Company functions or client entertainment being held at strip clubs over an employee’s objections

What is quid pro quo?

Quid pro quo, derived from the Latin phrase meaning “this for that,” involves pressure from a coworker, manager, or supervisor to provide sexual favors in exchange for keeping your job, getting a promotion or raise, or avoiding disciplinary action or a demotion.

Harassment can also involve threats of retaliation against the employee reporting sexual harassment or against workers who support a complaint filed by another. Employers with detailed written policies against sexual harassment can also get into trouble by failing to follow their own complaint investigation policies or by making exceptions in favor of high-performing perpetrators or managers. If you or another employee are feeing harassed, contact Vukelja Law immediately, we will help.