Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

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Real estate litigation and related remedies is an important component of our law practice. Vukelja Law is knowledgeable about dispute resolution at every level, whether the manner of resolution is mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation, and they work diligently to avoid litigation where ever possible. When necessary, we litigate for clients in all aspects of the real estate industry – lenders, developers, REITs, landlords and brokers.

We have handled, and tried to conclusion, a wide variety of real estate disputes:

  • Disputes concerning the financing of projects
  • Construction litigation
  • Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants
  • Buyers and sellers disputes
  • Disputes between participants within an ownership group

Vukelja Law is familiar with the issues involved in seeking provisional remedies, and frequently represent clients in foreclosures, receiverships and unlawful detainers. If you find yourself in any kind of real estate dispute, you can count on Vukelja Law to help you resolve the issue to your satisfaction.